aurelie tshiama 3-day masterclass


Introduction to activity and building moodboards
HOURS: 3-4

You will learn how to create a well-presented moodboard via screen share on Canva.
You should have already started picking up images/inspo beforehand to have more time to design on day 1.
1-1:30 hours
10 students will be chosen to present the mood board via screen share
1-1:30 hours
Get your Homebyme accounts ready for DAY TWO and THREE.
1 hour


Tracing client’s floorplan/Homebyme basics
HOURS: 3-4

You will learn how to upload and trace floorplan, build windows and doors in the correct location.
You will be taken step by step on where to find furniture, decoration etc and be taught how to decorate
1 hour
You will be guided through generating realistic visuals.
2 hours
Once you get the hang of it, you will have until DAY THREE (2 hours in) to complete realistic visual.
30 minutes


Generating and presenting visuals, along with moodboard
HOURS: 2-3

You will have an hour to ask for help on how-tos for YOUR visuals, with guidance being shared via screenshares
1:1-30 hours
You will develop realistic visuals. Ten students will present theIR visualS to class
1:1-30 hours

THE MASTERCLASS is completed!
You will be prompted to tweet your visual with hashtag #ATMasterclass